Unbelievable improvements seen in a case of Intellectual Disability with Cerebral Palsy

This 14 year old female had a severe case of Cerebral Palsy with intellectual disability since the age of three years. She had complicated problems like fever since the third day related with seizures for 24 hours. In addition, she had a history of NICU that stayed on for 24 days. She gets an attack every six months and on any climatic changes. For that, she was on a daily medication. Other than that, she did not undergo rehabilitation.

She was brought to NeuroGen Brain and Spine Institute on 22nd of April, 2013 showing main concerns like inability to follow commands, restlessness, hyperactivity, self stimulating behavior, cognition severely affected, attention deficit, bowel bladder dependent, dependent for ADL, temper tantrums, recognizes family members, aggressive behavior like hitting people if she is angry, pulling her hair and self pinching and difficulty cutting hair and cutting nails.

On a further study, she was hypertonic, an hyperreflexic, poor postural reaction, bilateral hamstrings tightness, walks with assistance of parents in diplegic pattern, poor voluntary control of all four limbs.
She had to undergo Stem Cell Therapy in April. Her parents found it very difficult to handle her.

Later in the month of August, 2013 they came for 1st follow up and the following changes were seen: Her eye contact has improved to at least 1 second.

Improvement in Cognition

  • She plays with toys now
  • Her understanding capacity has improved and now she understands if everybody gets ready and leaves from home.
  • Her attention ad concentration has improved.
  • Her problem solving has improved and she can follow commands

Improvement in Behaviour

  • Her aggressiveness has reduced up to 15 %.
  • Earlier she use to not eat spicy food, but now she can eat all kinds of food.
  • Earlier she use to not wear earrings, bangles but now she likes to wear it.
  • Earlier she used to laugh without any reason. She has reduced that considerably.

Physical Improvements

  • The stiffness in her body has reduced.
  • She can climb and descend stairs on her own with little support.
  • She can walk with the help of a walker at home

Her special school teacher reported

  • Her awareness has increased as previously she would sit alone whereas now if there isn’t anyone in the class she comes out.
  • Her sleep has reduced i.e. previously she use to sleep in the class, but now she doesn’t.
  • Her activity level has increased.

What the patient’s parents have to say?

“Hers was a rare case and we never thought that she had the chance to lead a normal life. But thanks to the team at NeuroGen, our daughter is leading a new life all over again. She has become so adaptable and can reason out things on her own. Her concentration levels have improved. Her eating habits have changed and today she is less choosy of what she wants to eat. Earlier she disliked wearing accessories like bangles but now she is more than happy to wear and flaunt them. Adding to that, all her physical conditions like body stiffness have improved. We are happy, that she is rediscovering the life of normal childhood, a beautiful realization she missed all these years. Her life story have inspired, strengthened and instilled more value in us as parents. We are proud that she was born to us.”