Stroke Patient Living Independently

This patient was a 65 year old man who suffered from stroke and paralysis. He had suffered a stroke one year ago and he visited NeuroGen in May 2010. When we assessed his case, he had some abnormalities in his muscle tone. His speech was unclear and he had to repeat himself a couple of times. His movement control was affected. He had profound weakness in the muscles of his left side and reduced shoulder control. His foot muscles did not function at all and he suffered from a foot drop. So he had to walk with the help assistive device. He therefore walked with the help of assistive device called Ankle Foot Orthosis and a support of cane.
He could perform his daily activities independently but still he needed some assistance in dressing the lower body.He was pinning a lot on stem cell therapy for treating his impairment caused by stroke.

Improvements seen in the patient post stem cell therapy

  • He had lesser shoulder pain and his range of motion was improved.
  • He could travel from his home to NeuroGen on his own not feeling tired and breathless after a month.
  • His walking ability had significantly improved.
  • His hand movements were much better and did not need as much assistance for dressing.
  • His movements were more controlled and faster than before. Now he could stand on his own for more than five minutes.

After two months, he could walk indoors on his own without taking any help from assistive devices. His stamina power had increased. There was reduction in the tone abnormalities of the muscles. After six months, his improvement was unwavering and he was functionally independent for his daily activities. He was enthusiastic on his journey towards independence. He was very determined and motivated and complied with rehabilitation.

He could wait to regain his old self and happy with the results of his first therapy, he decided to do it again. After seven months, he underwent stem cell therapy for the second time. Initially there no significant change in him, but after three months, he did show improvement in his hand and shoulder functioning. Six months later however the hand function had improved. After 15 months, he was able to live on his own and was completely functional.

What the patient’s parents have to say?

“He was planning to retire from his work after a year and it was so unfortunate that he had to go through this ordeal. He went through stem cell therapy, and the rest they say is history. Today his improvement is unwavering and he is functionally independent for his daily activities. He is enthusiastic on his journey towards independence. Throughout this ordeal, he was the most determined and motivated compared to the rest of us. We can see that he is looking forward to regain his old self and happy with the results of the therapy. It is a year now and he is completely functional now.”