Improvement in Functional Independence Measure from 46 to 52

This female child had a premature birth and had a low body weight. She was diagnosed with a bout of jaundice, given phototherapy and put on ventilator. Once she became stable, her parents noticed that she had not developed any milestones till the age of two. Based on clinical symptoms and research, she was detected with Cerebral Palsy. She was dependent on someone for all her activities. At the age of 14, she got operated for congenital hip dislocation and knee adductor contracture but there was still no improvement. She was under constant rehabilitation treatment, but as there was no development in her health, it was discontinued.

They learnt about Stem Cell Therapy and NeuroGen when she turned 22, through an old patient and they decided to opt for the treatment. When we examined, her tone was hypertonic and hyper-reflexic with intact sensations. Cognitively, she was well oriented to time, place and person but had poor learning and memory. Her speech was normal with poor oromotor control, with no vision and hearing affection. She had poor voluntary control of all limbs. She became dependent for all daily activities and also wheelchair bound for mobility. Her Functional Independence Measure (FIM) score was 49.
When she was examined with MRI Brain, she reportedly had perinatal hypoxic ischaemic insult in the bilateral frontopareital periventricular area. NeuroPet showed reduced functioning in many areas of the brain.

Clinical Improvements seen in the patient post Stem Cell Therapy

Improvements seen in the Patient post first Stem Cell Therapy

  • Improvements on her bed mobility were observed.
  • The area around the elbow joint and wrist joint were much flexible particularly on his right.
  • Her hand to mouth activities improved considerably and she could eat on her own which was not possible before the surgery.
  • She could extend her legs better and remain on the standing frame for an extended time period.
  • She could make carry out activities on her own and change positions by herself.
  • Her speech was clearer than before.
  • She was able to put on clothes on her own.
  • Her functional independence measure increased from 49 to 52.

After a follow up of three months, she was able to change from kneeling position to standing with one hand support and stand with walker with the help of someone. Her flexibility around the joint was better and now she could bend and set her legs straight. She was able to write from 1 to 100.

After six months of follow up, her bed mobility were better and she could change positions and get to crawling position without the least of support. Her sitting balance had improved and she could perform activities with both her hands. Her speech improved and became clearer and more fluent. She was able to write from 1 to 100.

Improvements seen in the patient post Second Stem Cell Therapy

Seeing these improvements, the second stem cell transplantation was initiated.

  • The spasticity had lessened in both her lower limbs and she could change positions independently.
  • She was able to do kneel walking with 20% assistance from her father.
  • Her hand functions were more flexible and she could open the door on her own.
  • Her hand writing noticeably got better.
  • Her speech was much clearer and louder.
  • Her memory and concentration power observed a marked improvement and she knew her father’s mobile number and shlokas by heart.
  • The texture of her skin had enhanced and her face was glowing.

Furthermore, she had to undergo important weight decline because of extensive rehabilitation.

What the patient’s parents have to say?

We had to struggle with our child for the last 22 years. Since her birth, her struggle was immense. She fought long and hard, and she has always been a brave child. The hope that NeuroGen generated in us and our daughter is beyond words. She became independent and could use her bodily movements much better. We could understand her words better. In addition, we noticed that her skin tone have improved and she was glowing. Her concentration level has improved and now she knows all the shlokas by heart. We are thankful to you all.