How to Keep A Child With Special Needs Occupied This Diwali?

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Diwali brings with it an unmatched excitement and celebratory spirit. This fun, many a time, creates consequences that are harmful to people and the environment. Air pollution rises to a dangerous level, leaving behind a lot of plastic and cracker debris littered everywhere. The noise pollution, due to crackers, is also extremely harmful to animals, babies, aged and people with special need.

A myth says that bursting crackers during Diwali scares away evil spirits. But do you know that a loud blast and blare has an adverse effect on children with neurological disorders? High pitched noise and the ‘booms’ of crackers make them scream with fear. They at times, experience anxiety attacks which may deteriorate their conditions.

A joyous activity is undoubtedly wonderful for the young and the old. So, keep them occupied and encourage them to take an active part in enjoying every movement of this festival of colourful lights.

Nurture The Nature

Eco-friendly crackers are prepared from recycled paper to produce sound as per the imposed limits of the Pollution Board. They are safe, with a minimum sound output, to be handled by kids allergic to sharp sound. This Diwali pledge to buy only eco-friendly crackers instead of chemical crackers.

Eco-Friendly Lighting

Energy consumption skyrockets during Diwali! Save on consumption, while keeping your merry mood at its peak, use LED lights on timers. Children with developmental delays are excessively sensitive to bright light and may overreact at times. Purchase a few earthen lanterns or diyas to make your house look bright and illuminated in a natural soft way and let them also know the divinity of Diwali.

Paint The Diyas

This safe and fun activity can get kids with special needs to show their moulding and painting skills. Provide them with clay and keep them occupied in crafting lamps and also painting them with the colours of their choice. Make sure to place paper sheets on the floor before they start.

Natural Colours For Rangoli

Children with Spinal cord injuries can help their parents in creating beautiful designs of rangoli. Discard the harmful chemical infested colours and use natural counterparts like turmeric, vermilion, fresh flower and lentils to create amazing designs. Let them learn to care for Mother Nature.

The Art Of Wrapping Gifts

You just cannot visit your friend or relative without a gift! Presenting Feng Shui plants, bonsai, and ornamental plants is a new trend of gifting. Give an ethnic look to your gifts by wrapping them with colourful cloth and presenting them in jute bags. Plants support the green cause, and hence, they are special!

Make Hand-Made Greeting Cards

To give your gift a personal touch, ask a child to make some simple handmade cards. Teach them to use dried leaves, flowers, pencil shrapnel, thumbprints, wool, etc. Let them enjoy Diwali in a creative way.

Spread Happiness

Make the kids in the neighbourhood celebrate Diwali in a giving way! Ask them to visit an orphanage with some homemade sweet, clothes and sherbet to help them also celebrate Diwali with a smile. There is no better way to celebrate Diwali than to light up a home or a person’s face with happiness.

When implored to celebrate Diwali in an eco-friendly way, we have often heard people retaliate, “this does not come every day?” Or “Why the restriction?” Or “Let us enjoy to the fullest!” Remember, It’s not just your Diwali, but everyone’s. It’s the festival of light that represents hope and joy, which people with special needs need the most.

Enjoy A Clean, Green and Pollution Free Diwali!