When a Son Holds a Fathers Hands – Cerebral Palsy Treatment with Stem Cell Therapy

A parent cannot sleep when their child gets something as simple as a fever.  We can only imagine what these parents went through when their boy was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. And what they must have been through, when they found out that their son would probably never get better. The pain of watching your child drool, lose control of his limbs, and not understanding anything, cannot be told in words.

But five years of pain and confusion was finally replaced with joy and understanding when they visited us at NeuroGen for the stem cell therapy as their last attempt for cerebral palsy treatment. Their son underwent the surgery three months earlier and they could see an obvious improvement. He couldn’t speak properly before and now he can. He can even say Dada now. His father says that now he keeps talking even when he doesn’t know what it means! Simple acts like moving an object from one hand to another was a task before and it is something he does of his own accord now.  He is so enthusiastic now that he picks up anything that is in front of him. He didn’t eat well before, because he couldn’t chew his food. Today, he eats with joy and loves poha!

He can control his neck movement now with the help of a standing board, he could only stand for 15 minutes before. Now he can stand for an hour at a stretch. He could barely stand for 2-3 seconds on his own and now he stands for five minutes, he even tries to put one foot forward in an attempt to walk. . He can now open his fists and hold things voluntarily. Even hold his father’s finger, a moment that his farther was longing for. We saw tears of joy in his eyes when he spoke about it.

Nothing rivals the joy of a child and watching your child improve is an even greater joy. A joy strong enough to wash away the pain and confusion. This is what we have seen happen in this family. We wish him all the very best and we are glad we could bring smiles on their face.