The stem cell therapy is the finest medical breakthrough in history. It has bagged the much acclaimed Nobel Prize in Medicine in the year 2012. This miracle medical therapy has leveraged and firmly positioned India in the field of medical science worldwide. Stem cell therapy has changed medical perception of ‘incurable neurological disorders’ and has broken all shackles.

About Stem Cell Therapy

Another upcoming branch of advanced medication is Regenerative medicine. Its main objective is to restore organ and tissue function for patients with continual and persistent diseases. The existing Regenerative Medicine use stem cells to generate living tissues to renew and repair tissues affected with age, disease and congenital defects. Stem cells can get to the root cause of the problematic area and restore newer cells and tissues.

What are Stem Cells?

A cell is the building block for our body. Our cells are what form the different tissues and organs and are accountable for the entire metabolism activity in our body .These cells in our body serve different purposes and it originates from simpler cells. These simpler cells are what are known as stem cells. Stem cells are specialized cells that can reproduce manifold and can interchange to any kind of body tissue. It has the capacity to reach out and fix damaged parts of our body.

How do Stem Cells Work?

Stem cells work through the three mechanisms:
1. It releases the growth factors that have a curative and regenerative effect on impaired tissue.
2. It creates angiogenesis or boosts the supply of blood in damaged tissues which in turn helps in their process of repairing.
3. It interchanges into the tissue kind of cells from where they are rooted from and thus change the non-functioning tissue to the functioning tissue.


There are three types of stem cells that are mostly used for therapy:


  • The side effects are identical when compared with other treatment forms. These symptoms seldom persist and are curable.
  • The damaged cells are being substituted with healthy working cells by means of stem cells through stem cell therapy. .
  • It is possible to restore the injured area and renew the cells and tissues for improved functioning through stem cell therapy.
  • We have a well trained team of experienced doctors that practices the best remedial methods.
  • The treatment procedure is customized to meet the requirement of all the patients.


  • In comparison with other remedial methods, the symptoms for the side effects are identical. Though these symptoms are curable, it does not transpire on regular intervals.
  • There is a planning for restoring the damaged cells with healthy functioning cells with the use of stem cells through stem cell therapy.
  • There is a latent probability to replenish cells and tissues from the injury area for an improved performance.
  • We have a team of professional experts and doctors that promises outstanding treatment options.
  • All the treatment options are well suited to meet every patient’s necessities.


  • The side effects are the same in comparison with other treatments. The signs do not persist for long but at the same time it can be treated simply.
  • The injured cells are to be restored with healthy functioning cells through stem cells as proposed by stem cell therapy.
  • To bring more improvement to the damaged area, stem cell therapy helps to restore cells and tissues.
  • Our team of highly proficient doctors has truly achieved an extraordinary accomplishment to ensure top quality treatment.
  • All the remedial practices help to take care of each patient’s needs.


We try to answer some very basic questions about Stem Cell Therapy.

What are the diseases that can be treated with stem cell therapy?

Stem cell therapy provides the essential beneficiaries in health and medical field grounds. In fact, stem cells use many functions for the treatment of diseases. Incurable diseases and injuries that have no potential treatment option can be treated with stem cell therapy. The incurable neurological disorders that can have benefits with stem cell therapy include autism, cerebral palsy, intellectual disability, muscular dystrophy, paralysis, stroke, head injuries, spinal cord injuries, and motor neuron disorders and so on.

How safe is stem cell therapy?

Adult stem cell therapy is a safe and secure form of treatment. There have been no unfavorable cases that have occurred due to stem cell therapy till date.  (The cells used for adult cell transplantation are obtained from the body of the same patient reducing the chance of an immune rejection.)