If you are flying in from another country, we understand that the process is more complicated with the embassies and visa coming into play.

Visa and Travel Assistance

As soon as we receive a confirmation to your visit to our facilities, we will send across a visa requisition letter to the Indian Embassy at your country. A copy of the same will also be sent to you.

All you need to provide us with is:-

  • Patient details
  • Passport Scans
  • Tentative dates of arrival

Once your visa is approved, the next step is booking your travel arrangements. This is where our international desk executive will step in and help you book your airline tickets by sharing with you a guide of all the sirlines that land at the Mumbai International Airport. If you wish to arrive a few days early, the we can also help you make hotel arrangements, on call doctors, pick and drop facilities, cab service and emergency services if needed.

(** During travel to any foreign country kindly assure you carry the following documents:-
Proof of residence, Passport and visa letter and Passport size photographs)

Pick Up from Airport

Your first step on the Indian soil will be at the newest terminal at the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminal (T2) and will be welcomed by a member of our International Patient Service Team who shall help make your journey to our facility comfortable. You will be provided with a cab service and all the information about your escort will be provided to you before arrival. In case, the escort fails to be present at the airport, you can call the hospital helpline and we shall guide you to our facilities.

Admission at NeuroGen

Our International Desk Team makes it their business to ensure that you are comfortable and have no difficulties settling in upon your arrival. You will have the time to relax before you consultation. We suggest you make good use of that time. The concerned doctors on your case will ensure that they standardize all the pre-operative investigations to meet your needs. The doctors will provide you with all the details you need about the medication to be taken before and after the surgical process. The legal proceedings will be handled by our legal proceeding team.One of the primary steps of admission at NeuroGen is early assessment program. Our expert Rehabilitation Team review the patient’s case neurologically, functionally, psychologically along with a pre-anesthetic workshop.


Your comfort is of utmost importance to us. We have an in-patient executive suite that is built to make your stay as comfortable as possible. Our aim is to give the patient a home away from home with a contemporary yet classy fell to the décor and ambience with all the modern facilities made available. We also ensure privacy for the care taker with the provision of a separate living quarters.

We offer the best comfort and each Suite offers a host of amenities including:-

  • Air conditioning
  • 32’ Plasma Led TV with a cable connection providing over 300 channels including news, entertainment and kids program in all major languages
  • DVD player
  • Refrigerator
  • Microwave
  • Electric coffee maker/ tea kettle
  • Electronic Safe
  • Hi-speed Wi-Fi connection
  • In Phone dial
  • Cabinet for storage
  • Complementary laundry service
  • Daily Housekeeping
  • 24*7 Room service

Pre-Operative Investigations

The patient has to undergo various tests prior to the procedure mainly for two purposes such like to ensure pre operative fitness and to assess severity and nature of the disease/ disorder as needed.

Stem Cell Therapy

The stem cell therapy process is done mainly with the use of autologous bone marrow derived stem and it is broadly classified into three stages:

  • Aspiration of bone marrow from hip bone
  • Separation of stem cells from bone marrow
  • Injection of stem cells into the spinal fluid

The patient will be taken through a rehabilitation program which is well-suited to meet the needs of the patient.

On Discharge

You will be required to go through a detailed session with the concerned doctor on the last day. This session will entail how the patient and their care takers will be required to take care of the patient even after going home. A detailed report of the patient’s progression will be sent to the doctor and care taker as well. The doctors will provide the patient with a recorded visual of the rehabilitation therapies so that they can follow-up with the same. A family counselling session will be held on the last day at NeuroGen. This helps both the patient and their family to understand each other’s needs better and walk out with positive hope. The patient will be required to follow up after a time lapse of three months, six months and one year in that order.

Drop at Airport

After all the legal procedures are done with, the patient will be led through by our International Patients Service Team. They will escort the patient back to the airport, in accordance to their flight timings. All the contact details of the escort will be sent to you before the day of departure.