Muscular Dystrophy – Success Story

40 Years Old Resumes Job after Stem Cell Therapy

This is one of the most memorable and special case that we had in NeuroGen. This particular patient was a dental surgeon who had a history with Becker’s muscular dystrophy. Fighting against all the odds therein, he completed his dentistry and proceeded to dental surgery. Now since the age of 12, he was experiencing weakness in his leg muscles. He would fall off often while running and tire off easily even with minimal activity. Slowly he started having trouble taking the stairs. In spite of this condition, he had a flourishing career till his middle age. But his weakness kept growing with time and by the age of 35 he could not walk at all. He resumed with his work even after that.

He started making changes in his workplace so that he could give equal attention to his patients. He started going for work earlier than usual so that he would have the time to set up things. Also he did not want his patients to notice his disabilities. By the age of 40, his weakness started increasing especially in his upper limbs and he found it extremely difficult to keep up with the pace of his work. He cared less for his increasing weakness and was devoted to his work.
When he realized that for moving more ahead with his work, he needed to check his condition. He chalked down several treatment options until he came across NeuroGen. His life changed after that.

When we studied his case, his leg muscles were so weak and could not sustain support for any movement. His upper limb strength were better and the muscles of the large joints like shoulders, scapulae were much stronger than the peripheral joints like elbow, wrist and hand. He relied upon others for his daily needs, but he had also picked trick movements on his own to perform some of his daily tasks. We managed to locate the weakest junction of all his muscles and proceeded with Stem Cell Therapy.

The therapy was followed by rigorous rehabilitation. The stem cells were injected in spinal fluid and in Biceps, Triceps, Hamstrings, Quadriceps, Glutei, Back Extensors and Abdominals. The physiotherapy session worked to improve the strength of the muscles. He was given a number of exercises to perform for these muscles. He was taught to use these muscles in practical positions. Our occupational therapists sat to work for improving his hand functions. He was also given psychological counseling to keep up his confidence and motivation.

Improvements seen in the patient post first stem cell therapy

  • He was able to sit without any support.
  • He could shift from his chair to his bed without any help.

After five years, he could stand with the support of push up splint and bilateral support. He was able to dress up faster, do his exercises without much exertion needed, and walk a few steps without much support.

Improvements seen in the patient post second stem cell therapy

He decided to undergo stem cell therapy for the second time in order to continue with his practice. This time the stem cells were injected in Rhomboids, Deltoid, Biceps, Triceps, Brachioradialis, Abdominals, Back Extensors, Glutei, Quadriceps, Hamstrings, and Adductors of hip.

After eight months into the successful completion of the second stem cell therapy, the following improvements were seen on him.

  • He was able to walk with the help of a walker and splints.
  • He could perform his exercise without any difficulty, became independent for his daily activities, climb up to five stairs without support.
  • His upper limb muscles showed great improvement and he became more independent.
    He did not require support for his toilet activities and bed mobility.

After three successive stem cell therapy sessions and 15 months later, he could stand using splinters and walker without support. He could climb the stairs and was independent for most of his daily activities.He has resumed his practice and is still the successful dental surgeon that he was. His determination does not dither and he is hopeful to improve more.He has set an exemplary standard for all the patients who suffer from the same. Not only that. We at NeuroGen are equally moved by his determination and we are all inspired with his strong fighting spirit. Through him, we have renewed our hope to bring stem cell therapy to a new level of standard.

What the patient’s parents have to say?

“Our son was a lone fighter and we know many times he hid the fact that he was facing difficulty with his disabilities. He never made us feel like we have a responsibility towards him. We are more than grateful to the team at NeuroGen for being there for our son from day one. His enthusiasm and determination to fight for his recovery is commendable. He was so worked up to bring his life back to normal that he underwent therapy three times. He can now use the splinters without taking help. Today, he has resumed with his work as a dentist. We are proud of him.”