Stem Cell Therapy works wonders for producing positive results and is an answer to many incurable neurological diseases. With the best of professional and experienced doctors, you should be assured that you are in safe hands. Each of the practicable treatment is well suited keeping the best interest of the patient.


There are three simple steps for the treatment process of bone marrow cell transplantation at NeuroGen Brain and Spine Institute. No major surgery or incision is required for this procedure.

Step 1



Bone marrow is the spongy tissue where all the blood formation takes place. It is situated inside of your bones and the simplest way to locate lies in the hip bone.
This procedure is carried forward through bone marrow aspiration needle, injected into the hip bone under local anesthesia. Depending on the weight of each patient between 80 ml to 120 ml of bone marrow is drawn out. There is an alternative option of general sedation for children and adults alike too. This medical procedure is completed in a span of 15 to 30 minutes.  Finally when this procedure is completed, the patient is laid to rest for three hours before proceeding for the next procedure.

Step 2



Purification of stem cells comes right after the first procedure, the stem cell gets separated and they are then filtered within 3-5 hours. For the filteration we use a procedure known as density gradient centrifugation. The stem cells get separated depending upon their density from the other cells obtained from the bone marrow.

Step 3



Once the purification process is completed, the patient gets back to the operation theatre. An intrathecal injection using an epidural needle or a spinal needle, is carried out.  First the stem cells are diluted in the CSF and injected back in the spinal area. For patients with muscular dystrophy the procedure is a little different. The stem cells are diluted in the CSF and injected into the muscles motor points with a thin needle.

This concludes the Cell therapy treatment. Our treatment procedure is safe and effective resting all risk factors at minimal.

What has to be done after Cell therapy?

Next after the successful transplantation comes rigorous rehabilitation practices which consists of physiotherapy, occupational therapy, psychological therapy assessment, speech therapy, positive reinforcement processes, yoga therapy, speech therapy, positive reinforcement processes, yoga therapy, specialized diets and other vocational therapies such as dance therapy, music therapy, art therapy, group therapy and motivational workshops. Following this procedure is essential to regain back into proper form quickly.

Each of these programs are categorized by a specialized team of therapists keeping the individual requirements of each patient in mind. We at Neurogen BSI firmly believe that this rehabilitation program will wholly contribute to the goodness of health of each patient.Owing to all these factors, we have bestowed our successful therapy and rehabilitation endeavor as Neuro Regenerative Rehabilitation Therapy.

Publication and Books

The doctor’s at NeuroGen Brain and Spine Institute have contributed to many reputed medical journals. We have more than 76 International Papers and 14 books on various Neurological conditions to our credit. Have a look at some of our published works here.

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Parents Help Guide

If you are a parent of a child suffering Autism then this book is meant for you. We realized the need for such a help guide after feedback from caretakers our patients.The e-book is available free of cost.

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