Special Educator turns to Stem Cell Therapy for her 22 year old Autistic son.Here we present a case study of Master Shrirang Chandekar, 22, who underwent Stem Cell Therapy and has shown great improvements post stem cell therapy.

Shrirang Chandekar’s Story

Master Shrirang Chandekar, 22, is a known case of Autism, with complaints of destructive behavior, poor speech, poor sitting tolerance, lack of attention and communication. His mother Mrs. Chandekar, being a special educator herself, noticed increased hyperactivity in her son when he was a mere 3 ½ years. Finally at 5 ½ years he was diagnosed with Autism and severe intellectual disability by a psychologist.

‘I have been a special educator since 1991 and have worked closely with many groups of special kids .It has always been my wish to adopt a special child. When Shrirang was diagnosed with Autism, it was as if God was answering to my wishes. Now along with being a special educator, I also became a special Parent. Since I work with the field, I was always sure about how to deal with my son. My husband and I together have always tried to give him the best of therapies possible. This journey with Shrirang has made me realize how much our country lacks in awareness in the field of Autism as well as in professionals to help these children. This along with my son’s smiling face has inspired me to start my very own special group where we try to provide therapies of an international standard to Autistic kids from poor socio-economic background.’ says Mrs. Chandekar, mother of Shrirang Chandekar.

Keeping themselves, abreast with all the latest happenings in the field, his parents came across the concept of the use for stem cells for treating autism and other neuro developmental disorders. They then started looking for a centre in India where they could learn more about stem cell therapy. It was then they learned about NeuroGen Brain and Spine Institute and Dr Alok Sharma. After a visit to the centre and a consultation with Dr Alok Sharma, they were convinced that stem cell therapy could probably help their son.

‘We already knew about stem cell therapy but we were apprehensive about how it can be used in Autism. But after Dr Sharma explained the in depths of the treatment to us, we felt confident towards the approach.’ says Mrs. Chandekar.

Shrirang Chandekar underwent Stem Cell Therapy at NeuroGen Brain and Spine Institute on 26 July 2014. Along with stem cell therapy he was put on an extensive rehabilitation programme. The rehabilitation program was customized in a manner such that it benefits him to the maximum limit. The aim of rehabilitation program was to improve his motor performance, to channelize his aggression and to help him develop his vocational skills.
Shrirang was already undergoing various therapies when we decided to go for Stem Cell Therapy. However, post Stem Cell Therapy, his performance in therapy sessions has improved. He can now pick up language better as compared to before. Also, his communication skills and understanding is showing a positive growth. Stem cell therapy combined with the correct rehabilitation has helped Shrirang achieve those milestones that he was unable to earlier on’ comments his mother.

Clinical improvements seen in Shrirang after first stem cell therapy

    • Sitting tolerance has improved
    • Eye contact has improved
    • Listening skills have improved
    • Communication is better as compared to before
    • Command following has improved

What Mrs. Chandekar, mother to Shrirang Chandekar have to say

“Have faith in your child. Have faith in yourself. Have patience. Dealing with a child with autism may not be an easy job, but it is not impossible. Instant miracles or instant success is the not the way. A parent’s contribution in terms of their time and their efforts plays a great role. It’s ultimately hard work that pays off!” says Mrs. Chandekar.