Seven years of hope now finally being realized! – Cerebral palsy Treatment in India

The joy of having a child cannot be rivaled by anything in the world. Same was the case with this couple; they had an adorable little girl that was born to be loved and to give love. Four months later they noticed she had no control of her neck. Like any parent would, they immediately took her to the doctor. The couple was assured that the problem will take care of itself within 6 months. The girl turned a year old and she still didn’t show any signs of improvement. She was taken to a doctor again and underwent multiple tests this time. The scans revealed a scary picture. The beautiful little one year old was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. The parents were told that cerebral palsy did not have any treatment or medication. Five years went by after the diagnosis and she got even worse. Lost control of all her limbs could not sit or speak!

It was on what seemed like a regular day that something unusual happened. The parents saw a new ray of hope, NeuroGen. After watching an advert about our institution, they decided we were worth giving a try! And we didn’t disappoint.

At the age of seven, she underwent stem cell therapy and changes were seen just 3 months later!

Before her dress would be wet with drool within 10-15 minutes, now it has reduced. At one time when she didn’t recognize anyone, today she can. Before she could barely manage the most basic daily activities, like standing and holding something. Today she can stand for an hour straight and even hit a Swiss ball with both her hands! If you thought not being able to stand was bad, she couldn’t even sit! But thanks to stem cell therapy she can tolerate sitting for 10-15 seconds on a stretch, with her legs crossed. She could barely understand anything before and today like any other child starts to cry the moment she visits the hospital. She no longer sleeps in the same room she is given her medicines!

Some may call it a miracle and some may say it’s simply science. We don’t really care. All we care about
is to see how happy this little girl and her beautiful parents now are. That is our miracle and that is our science.