Plan your visit

We are well aware that the lookout for medical treatment out of your own hometown can be an exhausting experience. Our International Patients Division at NeuroGen goes all-out in order to make you feel at home and return back in the best health condition. We understand and cater to your special requirements. Our aim is to make your travel and stay for the duration of treatment as comfortable as possible.

Learn more about condition facilities

You can find out more about the condition we treat and the facilities we have by going through our conditions and neuroregenerative rehabilitation therapy section. Take your time. Through this section, you will have a complete understanding about our health facilities and all other services included.

Select your doctor


At NeuroGen, we have the most qualified doctors for heading the different division. Our team of doctors guarantee the best available treatment options. We have several medical specialists each designated in their own area of expertise. We request to you look through the Meet NeuroGen Experts so that you can select your own preferred doctor.

Book a consultation and send in your previous medical reports

Send us an email. That is all you need to do to establish contact with us. One of our medical coordinator will reach out to you immediately and help you through the consultation with the doctors. You may have to share your medical reports and details of the current medical conditions of the patient so that our doctors can provide you with an accurate prognosis. You also have the option of sharing with us the current status of the patient in form of video capturing their current daily activities. The treatment process will require you to travel to us but we can make this easier on you by sharing our advice and information no matter where you are.

We aim to

If you choice to proceed with the treatment after the initial consultation, then we are here to help you through all the questions and doubts that may come to your mind. We will
  • Answer all your queries about “who”, “what”, where”, “how” and “why” or anything else that may come to your mind
  • Help make the process of consultation smoother if more than one consultation with a doctor is required
  • Clear all question regarding payments by providing an all-inclusive calculation of the treatment costs
  • Share details about the protocol- the time period, precautions to be taken, any special requirements pertaining to diet/physiotherapy etc.

We will also be sending to you all our other details like our brochures, our scientific publications and books that will make available any additional information you may need to understand the therapy.

Stay and travel arrangement

We strive to make your travel here and your stay with us as comfortable as possible. Please read through and travel and stay section. It will take you through every single thing you need know about how we can help you find a home away from home for the entire treatment period.

Payment methods

Please refer to our Billings and Payments section to know more about the various payment options that we have devised to meet your needs.