Spinal Cord Injury patient performs at dance show

This case is of a lady who was a civil engineer by profession. When she was 35 years old, she met with a vehicular accident. Unfortunately her mother and aunt who were accompanying her in the car died. She was the lone survivor but her survival chances were at risk.Her lower spine (L1-L2) bone was broken and compressed. There were multiple fractures in the right arm and leg. An artery on the right side of the forearm had ruptured. She undertook surgery for spine stabilization, after which the doctors recommended regular rehabilitation for her various complications. Slowly, she improved and felt slight sensation below the waist with touch sensation all over the upper thigh.

A year after the harrowing incident, she heard of stem cell therapy as a treatment option for her condition. She visited NeuroGen Brain and Spine Institute and was certain that this therapy will show her the possibility to improve her life. When she was admitted, a thorough physical, psychological, and clinical evaluation was conducted.

It was reported that she had no movement or sensation below the waist (L2). Both of her legs were stiff and tightened. It had become wobbly resulting in low to almost-no tone. Her muscle power in both the right and left hips and knees was graded at 3. There was no strength in either of her feet. Her right side of the body had become completely non-functional as the fracture had not healed. She had become completely dependent on her family members for daily activities.  She was unable to transfer her body weight as a result of which she became wheelchair bound. She made use of self-catheterization during the night and willingly used to empty her bladder by intra abdominal pressure. Her score on the Functional Independence Measure scale was 53.

Improvements seen in the patient post Stem Cell Therapy

She underwent stem cell therapy and continued rigorous rehabilitation. Slowly and steadily, her muscles became stronger.

  • She was able to transfer her body weight on her own.
  • She could shift to the edge of the bed and transfer from the wheelchair to the bed & back. Even rolling on the bed and sitting up from lying position became an independent activity.
  • Strength in the hip muscles also improved. Soon, she started walking between parallel bars.

After 3 months of stem cell therapy, with rigorous rehabilitation, her upper body became stronger. Her abdominals and back extensors regained some power because of which, she could sit for a longer time without any spinal brace.

Her arms and hands became more functional. She was able to dress independently for both her upper and lower body. She started writing and drawing. She has also developed writing skills in her left arm to aid her and restore that normal life that she once had.

What the patient’s parents have to say?

Life was hard as I lost my wife and nearly lost my daughter at an unfortunate accident that took place. My wife could not make it but my daughter fought hard for her life, said the patient’s father. Because of her treatment at NeuroGen, we have witnessed immense improvement. She is able to move her body weight independently without any support and the strength in her hip muscles have also restored. Today she has more strength, power and vigor added to her body. Her upper body is gaining more strength with time. She can even sit straight for an extended period of time without taking the help of spinal brace.