Improvement in Functional Independence Measure from 46 to 52

This case is of an 18 year old male, who fell from a train and remained in coma for six months. When he visited NeuorGen BSI, he was found to be hypertonic and hyper reflexic , disoriented in time, place and person, had an aggressive behavior, had severe motor weakness in all limbs, had no bowel and bladder control and could not follow simple commands. His MRI showed reduction in the density of the posterior callosal fibers especially on the right side. Gliotic changes in the bilateral anterior temporal, basifrontal, right insular right parietal and right peritrigonal regions and in splenium of corpus callosum with innumerable peticheal foci of hemosiderin straining in both cerebral hemispheres represent sequalae of diffuse axonal injury. His PET CT Scan showed reduced metabolic activity in precentral, broca’s, sensory, motor, wernicke’s, Insula, Lateral, Temporal, Caudate and Putamen, Parietal, Cerebellum, Lobulus Quadrilatare, Medial Temporal Lobe. Thereafter he underwent Stem Cell Therapy at NeuroGen Brain and Spine Institute.

Improvements seen in the patient post Stem Cell Therapy

  • His eye contact was improved
  • Through the help of gestures, he was able to indicate his need for water and food
  • He could turn over both his sides independently
  • His perception was improved
  • There has been a major progression in his command following
  • His spasticity had reduced drastically
  • His sitting and standing balance were improved
  • His right hand voluntary control was improved
  • His behaviour was more controlled especially in his aggressiveness and understanding
  • His emotional response were improved
  • His drooling habit stopped completely
  • He started using his left hand to eat
  • His FIM score greatly improved from 19 to 30.

The fact that he slowly started regaining his activities after a period of six months was more than what he hoped for.

What the patient’s parents have to say?

“When my son went into a coma for six months, I had given up all hope, says the patient’s mother. Today, we cannot believe that he is the same person that he was, months ago. With successive therapies in stem cell therapy, we noticed that his eye contact had improved drastically. He can turn over on both sides without taking any help. His standing and sitting balance have improved. Within a span of six months, we noticed that all his disabilities improved for the better. At present, we are happy seeing his growth and hopeful for his full growth and development.”