Stem cell therapy gives a ray of hope to worried parents

This young girl had a normal delivery. Few months after delivery, her parents noticed that she was facing difficulty sucking and swallowing. She had slow normal development like neck control, turning in bed, crawling; sitting and walking were all delayed. Her parents brought her to NeuroGen owing to her delayed milestones.
When we studied her case at NeuroGen, her residual muscle tension had increased and her immediate reflexes were inflated. She could sense everything properly. Her bladder and bowel awareness were functioning well.

She could turn in the bed by herself and sit independently. However she could not use her arms to reach out for objects as her balancing act was still not steady. She could not crawl or walk even at the age of three while children of her own age could easily run. Her arm control was good and movements were voluntary, her legs however had increased tone and the movements showed a spastic pattern. Due to the increased tone of her muscle she was unable to control her feet movement, so when walking with support, she tiptoed on her feet.

Her cognition was unaffected; she could make out all the commands and followed the commands too. However she was unable to swallow solid food and was only fed semi-solid diet.Her parents got worried seeing her slow development growth and they decided to undergo Stem Cell Therapy and Rehabilitation at our center.

Improvements seen in the patient post Stem Cell Therapy

  • She could sit on her own and use her arms to reach for various objects.
  • Her trunk control improved.
  • She could also stand up on her knees keeping her back straight raising her arms overhead to clap.
  • She could open her fists.
  • She could stand in a standing frame, bend down to pick up an object from the floor on her own and then could stand up without any support.
  • Her tiptoe walking was changing and she could walk touching her sole to the floor.
  • She was able to stand straight with the support of ankle foot orthosis and walk few steps independently.

Her parents were contended seeing their daughter’s improvements. They went on with the rehabilitation therapy which is the answer to develop maximum benefits from the stem cell therapy.

What the patient’s parents have to say?

The patient’s parents sounded excited and happy when we received a call from them. They began to thank us profusely. They said, “Our daughter is able to walk on her own today without taking our help.” It had become habitual for us to guide her steps but today we are coming in terms with the changes in her body. But we are not complaining. She is able to open her fists by herself and can reach out to pick up objects kept within her reach. We will continue with her rehabilitation sessions and we look forward for more improvements, they concluded.”