Spinal Cord Injury patient performs at dance show

The patient was determined to bring back her normal life. She started to develop extra skills to compensate for the disability. She made her left arm more functional and learnt how to write with the left hand.She worked on improving her condition with the help of rehabilitation.

The patient visited the centre again after three months for her post stem cell therapy evaluation. The improvements noted in the patient were as follows

  • The muscles of the hip and knee; especially gluteals and hamstrings increased in power from Grade 3 to Grade 3++.
  • From using a KAFO, she shifted to using an AFO.
  • She also started walking with a walker with minimal assistance of a care taker.
  • She was able to walk with a stick and AFO independently after a completion of one year.

Together with medical advances like stem cell therapy and her strong motivation and desire to live wholly allowed her to conquer the disability. She started helping in household activities such as cutting vegetables and so on. Along with the help of some therapists and dancers, she trained to go on stage and perform for a dance show. Her performance served as an inspiration to others in similar situations and proved that disability can neither limit mobility completely nor diminish the individual’s spirit to live a purposeful and dignified life.

What the patient’s parents have to say?

Her determination was always a source of pride for her parents but to see the fruits of her hard work was a source of great joy for them. Her mother says, “We couldn’t have asked for more. When we saw her on stage, every doubt we had was washed away. She would live long and live happy. We just knew it.”