Cognitive Improvements in Head Injury Patient

This case is of a 34 year old man who was diagnosed with a case of a head injury due to the fall of a heavy object after which he suffered a subarachnoid hemorrhage and parietal bone fracture. He was operated twice and had a residual right sided hemi paresis. An assessment showed that he was hypertonic and hyperreflexic and had grade 2 spasticity in right upper extremity and grade 1 spasticity in the lower extremity, walks with a circumductory gait, he had slight memory affection, had slurred speech and right sided facial paralysis. His MRI suggested large cystic encephlomalacia or glosis in left fronto parietal and left superior temporal lobes with marked ex-vacuo dilatation of left lateral ventricle. Wallerian degeneration of left cerebral peduncle and left hemipons. His PET CT Brain reports showed gliosis in left front parietal cortex with areas of severe hypo metabolism.

Improvements seen in the patient post Stem Cell Therapy

He underwent stem cell therapy at Neurogen Brain and Spine Institute and after a follow-up of six months showed the following improvements

  • An improvement was seen in his level of confidence while doing regular activities
    Improvisation in his sitting and standing posture
  • His gait pattern marked a great improvement
  • His spasticity in his right upper extremity was greatly reduced
  • Improvement in his range of motion
  • Improvement in his sensations on right side
  • Improvement in his facial expressions
  • His remote memory and recent memory are also improved
  • His planning, organization, sequencing and decision making skills improved
  • Improvement in his speech and orientation
  • Improvement in his tongue flexibility and speech clarity
  • There was also a reduction in his semantic paraphasias

Apart from the clinical improvement there were also changes in his post SCT PET CT scan which showed better metabolic activity in the left parieto- occipital cortex at the periphery of the gliotic lesion and contributed to his overall improvements.

What the patient’s parents have to say?

“Through this therapy, we have learnt a lesson ourselves and that is never to lose hope. We are happy and pleased to say that our son’s condition has improved. Because of all these improvements, his confidence level has soared. We have observed that he has become more expressive as his facial movement has become better. Today he has a better sitting and standing posture. There is a marked improvement in all his earlier disabilities and we are really thankful to you all for that.”