How To Potty Train A Child With Developmental Delays?

By November 15, 2018 GeneralNo Comments

Awareness days are usually set by the government and major organizations to commemorate an ethical cause of importance, and hence, are declared as national or international observance days. These are health-related dates that help to create awareness of health-related conditions and encourage action to tackle universal crisis – such as the ‘Toilet Day’ which discuss sanitation crisis – a topic that is often overlooked or neglected.

Potty training a child with special needs is a daunting task! Give them ample time, with a large portion of love and understanding, to prepare them to achieve their potty training successfully. Initially, develop a toilet strategy to help them with their functional bowel or bladder disorder when they are two or three years old. If the child is bothered by a soiled or wet diaper, then it’s a sign of readiness to begin potty training.

When ready for training, take your child to the bathroom to get him familiarized with the potty chair. Decorate the bathroom with pictures of their favourite cartoon characters and make them sit on the potty (with their clothes on), for 5 minutes without any help. This will help them get used to it. Whenever they show the need to urinate or express bowel movement, make them go to the potty and sit on it. Explain to them that they need to pull down their pants and underwear, sit on the potty while maintaining their balance. After they are finished with the routine, make them pull up the clothes, wash their hands with soap and dry them with a towel.

Toilet training works best when the caregivers and parents of kids with special needs have the guidance of an occupational therapist, a child psychologist, or a support group.