Travelling far away from home to an unknown city is tough especially when it is for a treatment. We at NeuroGen Brain and Spine institute know that. And therefore it is our effort to make things as comfortable as possible for you. Here are the answers to some of your most common and valid health care concerns.

What kind of healthcare do medical tourists obtain?

There are innumerable number of options for medical tourist which would include serious procedures like joint replacement, cardiac surgery and spinal disc replacements to simple surgical procedures like tummy tucks, dental crowns, and face lift and so on. You can choose from any of the several of medical or surgical procedure abroad. It is a safe and yet cost effective procedure compared to the prices you need to pay in your homeland.

What is the cost savings compared to the costs in my country?

In India, there is a greater possibility of cost saving for medical tourists and it is one of the more important reason why many seek treatment here. This difference in pricing however is not indicative of the treatment standards but more a result of currency conversion rates. Normally in the US, procedures like a knee replacement would cost an average of $30,000 but the same procedure in India would cost 40-60% lesser.

How do I make the payments and how is it handled?

You can make the payments depending on the policy of the hospital. Normally, you would need to pay a deposit before proceeding with the procedures. In NeuroGen, there are a number of payment options both Visa and MasterCard are accepted. The payments can be made in all major currencies. You can transfer the payment to our bank account. Or you can pay the hospital bills directly through cash.

Are the doctors and surgeons qualified and trustworthy?

Most of the doctors in India are well qualified and have earned quite a reputation. At NeuroGen, we have the best qualified and professional doctor’s specializing in various fields. Our team consists of Core NeuroGen Team, Medical Officers, Neurorehabilitation Team, Nutritionist and Research Development.

Why should I select India over other destinations?

India is unsurpassable as a medical tourist spot. Prime factors like cost effectiveness and speedy recovery is what makes India a better destination for seeking medical help. Furthermore, India provides facilities like post operative care through traditional therapy sessions. At NeuroGen, we do Stem Cell Therapy, Neurorehabilitation and other Medical and Surgical Treatments.

Are the hospitals in India well-equipped and up to International standards?

Many hospitals in India are well-equipped to meet the top-notch medical care. We have hospitals that have the best medical equipment available internationally. NeuroGen services are more that capable of meeting the international standards. This hospital focuses on the safety of patients and their rehabilitation along with comfort.

Can I consult the doctor in India before going to the trip?

You can reach out for the doctors in India through phone, email and video conference. The consulting doctors would gladly answer all of your questions. The doctors at NeuroGen would study your questions and share their expert opinion for the treatment. You will be ensured that selecting India as your destination for your complete medical care was the best option.

After reaching India, how do I go about my trip?

Upon arrival, there will be a staffer waiting to escort you out. Details about the assistant will be forwarded to you by our International Patients Service Team. The assistant will usher you through the hospital or accommodation. In case the person fails to turn up, you can call our hospital helpline. We take care of your stay arrangements by booking the nearest hotels to the hospital according to your budget. Arrangements such as hospital visitations, on-call doctor, cab services and emergency ambulance are provided.

How long will I have to remain in the destination after my procedure?

Your doctor in India will study your case and based on your recovery process, they will advise whether it will wise for you to travel or not. Most of the patients show signs of improvement right after the treatment while some patients may take 3-4 months to recover. So it all depends from case to case.

Can I bring a relative or a friend along with me and will there be an additional charge for that?

You can bring along a relative or a friend to stay and take care of you. But you have to take care of all additional charges like the flight and travel expense. But you will be offered with a complimentary stay meant for one attendant when admitted at NeuroGen.