The ethical basis of utilizing stem cell remedy for treatment is based upon Declaration of Helsinki on moral principles for medical research. It involves Human subjects devised by the World Medical Association and is spread worldwide and in the Asian countries in particular. It states that-

"In the treatment of an individual patient, where proven interventions do not exist or have been ineffective, the physician, after seeking expert advice, with informed consent from the patient or a legally authorized representative, may use an unproven intervention if in the physician`s judgments it offers hope of saving life, re-establishing health or alleviating suffering. Where possible, this intervention should subsequently be made the object of research, designed to evaluate its safety and efficacy. In all cases, new information should be recorded and, where appropriate, made publicly available."

− Helsinki Declaration

Going by the Helsinki Declaration, Stem cell therapy is usable for mental conditions where there are no treatments available. At NeuroGen BSI we strongly adhere to abide the Helsinki declaration. In India, the Regulatory authority for Stem Cell therapy and Research was the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) for many years together. They have devised draft guidelines in the years 2003, 2007 and 2013. These guidelines are available at . They make use of embryonic stem cells in the restrictive category and the usage of umbilical cord cells including adult stem cells in the permissive category irrespective of the endless options of Cell therapy and study. There is a strong calling for developing an Institutional Committee for Stem Cell Research and Therapy (ICSCRT). Recently the same has been revised and declared as ICSCR. In addition the Drug Controller General of India (DCGI) has taken charge and has forwarded the designated new guidelines in the larger interest of the public. The declaration appeared on their website in February 2014. Like many of our counterparts, we too are working towards a fruitful future and facilitate all the availed options.

To conclude, we declare that we offer the finest of Cell therapy. Please do note that all the clinical results are released and documented. From a disciplinary approach all the autologous adult stem cells like mononuclear cells are put to use. The Institutional stem cell need to have it approved. One needs to seek special permission before undergoing this treatment.

Why bone marrow derived cells for Cell therapy?

Bone marrow is a spongy tissue located within the hollow core of long bones. It is comprised of specific stem cells that generate the blood cells of the body.Now these stem cells restore the impaired bone marrow with healthier bone marrow stem cells. These stem cells generate three kinds of blood cells namely:

  • red blood cells – It transmits oxygen around the body
  • white blood cells – It fight off infection
  • platelets – Helps in stopping bleeding

These blood cells play a significant role in taking care of many conditions.In addition, bone marrow also contains endothelial cell progenitors and marrow stromal cells. A fully developed BM is composed of cells that can distinguish between fully grown non hematopoietic cells and non cells comprising of epithelial cells.