Deputy Director & Head of NeuroRehabilitation

Dr. V.C. Jacob specializes in the field of spinal cord injury rehabilitation and is a Trustee of Nina Foundation which is an NGO set up for the rehabilitation of spinal cord injury persons.

Past positions held

In the past, he has worked as a physiotherapist in LTMG (Sion Hospital) for 35 years. Though he is retired now, he still remains whole heartedly committed to the rehabilation of patients recovering from neurogical disorders. For a period of 38 years, from 1968 to 2006 he was part of the Executive Committee of the Paraplegic Foundation, a charitable organization for the comprehensive care of the paraplegics. He has also organized several sports events for these paraplegics on a national level. He has also hed prestigious position of the President of the Indian Association of Physiotherapists in the past. Apart from all this, Dr.Jacob has been involved in disaster management during calamities such as the catastrophic earthquake at Latur and also at Gujarat.

Educational background

He is a BSC graduate in Chemistry and has completed a diploma in Physiotherapy from KEM Hospital. He has also done a course in Rehabilitation from AIIPMR, Mumbai.

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