After several long years of a challenging journey, Mother finds hope for her son with Autism in Stem Cell Therapy.

Boman Roy’s Story

Master Boman Roy, 20 yrs, is a known case of Autism showing poor oromotor development, disturbed sleep patterns, poor speech, clumsy posture, clumsy hand functions, poor attention and concentration, poor peer relation, poor social interaction, poor communication, poor perceptual and cognitive skills.

“Physically he was fine. He would play all day long and get restless if he was asked to sit for a very long time, just like other kids. However, he never spoke as an infant. This was what truly disturbed us. We met a couple of doctors and finally a child specialist informed us that Boman was an autistic child. This was a very distributing fact and at that time, I didn’t even know what Autism was. Gradually, I started reading about this disorder and realized that there was nothing so grave with my son that couldn’t be solved.” says his mother, Mrs. Roy.

Boman was then advised to undergo speech therapy, psychological counseling and occupational therapy by his doctor. His parents also enrolled him in a special school to help his overall development. Although, there were some improvements, his parents were not truly satisfied with the results. Speech continued to remain absent except for a few murmuring and Boman did not display any interest in other activities like poetry recitation and writing.

They came across NeuroGen Brain and Spine Institute and the concept of Stem Cell Therapy through a newspaper article and decided to go ahead for a consultation with Dr Alok Sharma and Dr Nandini Gokulchandran. “We debated a lot over the decision to undergo the therapy for our son, since it is a relatively new field of medicine. But I knew I had to take this chance for Boman. Even if there was a minute scope of improvement, I did not want to miss out on it. It was my intuition and the faith in the doctors that lead me to my decision.” says Mrs. Roy.

Boman Roy underwent Stem Cell Therapy at NeuroGen Brain and Spine Institute on 24th July 2014. Along with Stem Cell Therapy, we also underwent an extensive rehabilitation program under the care and the guidance of the best experts in the field. He was given carefully designed sessions of speech therapy, occupational therapy, psychological intervention and physiotherapy to help him improve on his skills, abilities and overall development.

What Mrs. Roy, mother to Boman Roy have to say

“The happiest moment so far has been when my son said ‘Khana Khaya’ merely two days after the treatment without stammering and in a clear tone. My joy knew no bounds and I was satisfied that I had chosen this path. He has now started reciting poems and rhymes. Even his teacher has congratulated me on his active performance in school activities.” says his mother.

Boman was called for a follow up check three months post stem cell therapy where he was evaluated again and his improvements were noted down.

Clinical Improvements seen in Boman post Stem Cell Therapy:-

  • His attention and concentration has improved and now he doesn’t get distracted like before.
  • His command following has improved, i.e. now he follows after 1 repetition.
  • Sitting tolerance has improved.
  • Now he tries to take interest in new learning.
  • He tries to do multi-tasking.
  • Recent memory has improved.
  • Imitation skills have improved, i.e. now when his mother repeats a poem he recites it along with her.
  • Now he doesn’t close his ears in the lift to the sound which was present earlier.
  • Eye contact was improved as compared to before.
  • Now he follows commands and understands better which wasn’t present before.
  • Now he can recite 1-10 which wasn’t present before (not recognition though).
  • Now he can also recite poems and A-Z which wasn’t present before.
  • Speech has improved both in terms of clarity and quantity.
  • Understanding of relationship has improved.

At present, Boman continues to attend his special school and also goes for regular counseling sessions. His parents are extremely happy with his improvements and continue to provide all he care and support that he needs for his further growth.